Thursday, September 5, 2013

Purple Mountains. Amber Waves. You know the rest...

Summer is beginning to wind down and I think I've set a new record for long distance driving.  Starting in late May I drove from Savannah, Georgia, to Texas;  then Texas to South Carolina and back;  then Texas to Colorado;  then Texas to Idaho and back; then Texas to Colorado and back again; then Texas to South Carolina and back again; and then Texas to Idaho and back again.  Man, my butt is sore!

I did get to take a few photographs in the midst of all this traveling.  Some of the places I visited were quite spectacular.  Here's a shot from Lake San Cristobal near Lake City, Colorado.  I had been driving around in the rain most of the afternoon when the clouds parted in time for a beautiful sunset.

Next is a shot of Henson Creek along the Alpine Loop Scenic Drive near Lake City.  This is a good example of a long exposure (0.8 seconds) making the water look very soft.

Here's a shot from Teton Valley, Idaho.  The barley fields are ready for harvest and the Tetons go purple at sunset.  I never get tired of that place.

My favorite wildlife shot of the year was in Yellowstone National Park along the Madison River.  She was not interested in his offer.

Madison River - Yellowstone National Park - 2013

Earlier in the summer I got this shot that combines my favorite place - Teton Valley - and one of my other favorite pastimes - biking.  I was out on this evening riding the trail bike on the old Oregon Shortline Railway between Ashton and Tetonia, Idaho.

4x4 + Trail Bike + Big Sky + Purple Mountains = Almost Heaven

And as the sun sets on another summer, I'm looking forward to football season.  This year we're going to homecoming at Clemson.  It should be awesome - except for the 950 miles of interstate to get there.

Late Summer Sunset in Teton Valley, Idaho