Friday, December 28, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Today is December 28, 2007, and this is my first blog post.

Perhaps I should start with a little information about myself and the purpose of this blog:

A lot of my friends at First Baptist Church of Aledo have asked me to teach a photography class. The problem, of course, has been scheduling. I'm hoping that this online blog will be our solution. My plan is to prepare a few simple lessons that will help you improve your photography while you learn to enjoy your fancy new digital camera. I'll take your questions through the comments you make on the blog and then I'll respond back through the blog so that everyone can benefit from the questions and answers.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by training but the thing that really gets me going is making gorgeous photos. I like to shoot them, process them, print them, frame them, and admire them. But the thing that gets me the most excited is when I SELL them and I do that through my Smugmug-hosted website.

I started my website at in April of 2006, using it to post sports, portrait, and nature photos. Through the site, I sell high quality prints to my customers at prices that I set. Smugmug fills my customer's orders and sends me my portion of the markup. It's been a great way for me to make some money off the hobby I love and at the same time provide outstanding prints to my customers. Another cool benefit of my website is that it has become a way to share photos with my church family at FBC Aledo. I regularly shoot events at church and then upload those photos for sharing with the congregation.

Check back soon for our first lesson. I think I'll talk a little about the fundamentals of camera operation. In the meantime, I've posted one of my favorite shots of all time below: Mormon Barn in the Tetons

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