Monday, December 31, 2007

Greetings from Idaho

We left Texas yesterday afternoon and flew to Jackson Hole where it was about 50 degrees colder. Budget rental car stood us up but Thrifty came through just at the right time. We made it across Teton Pass to the Idaho side of paradise and now we're looking forward to a week of skiing and winter photography.

But first, there's work to do! Sara and Aaron earned their hot chocolate by cleaning off about 14 inches of snow from the deck on the back of the condo.

Tonight is the torchlight parade at Grand Targhee Ski Resort and I'm going to attempt to take some photos. We'll see how that goes. Snow pictures are tough; add the increased complication of night photography and motion and it might be interesting.

Keep checking the blog. I'm working on Lesson #2 now.


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