Friday, January 4, 2008

Look Who Came for Dinner!

Today was pretty slow..... until about 4:45pm and that's when our dinner guests arrived!

This guy was checking us out through the window of the condo.

It turns out that bird feeders aren't just for birds anymore. Jill was concerned this morning about why her bird feeder had been emptied in one night. Now we know.

I slipped out the front door and discovered that our dinner guest had not come "stag" but had brought a younger friend. I was able to get good shots of both of them before they wandered back across Teton Creek.

FOR THE RECORD: I've hunted muledeer with great success in eight of the last nine years but I've never taken one as large as this big boy. Even with a major fork of his right antler broken, he's a trophy. I'm just as proud to get photos of him.

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